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RSV Motorsport makes progress during the second 2010 CER meeting

2010-09-07 - Informaciones

RSV Motorsport has been improving with the BMW 320 E90 during the meeting of the Spanish Resistance Cup, held in the circuit of Motorland Aragón. Ronald Severin and Ni Amorim have brought the meeting to an end with good 10th and 12th positions, despite the technical problems on Sunday.


The drivers did a good job during the training sessions. Ronald Severin was able to get used to the selective track and Ni Amorim showed his usual great talent. The Portuguese driver got the BMW 3 8º Series among its series to the best 2'17.732 after fighting against the Seat León Supercopa.


The problems came during the first race on Sunday. Ronald Severin completed his first competitive stint of the weekend in a positive way through an exciting battle against a rival Nissan car. After that, Severin gave his partner the wheel, but Amorim had some electrical problems during the penultimate lap. The steering broke down so he had to leave the track. However, Ni made a great effort to reach the chequered flag in the 10th position among the D4 division.


The second race was not easy either. Ni Amorim’s 320 was making good progress from the 8th to the 6th position fighting against all the opponents on the fast BMW – 218km/h at the checkpoint. However, a breakdown forced him to stop the car before it was expected. Three laps involving the repair made it impossible to get a good result, and Ronald Severin faced his stint as if it was a test. Finally, he got the 12th class position and gathered some valuable kilometres.


The next meeting is going to take place on the 25th and 26th of September, when the Spanish GT Championship is going to be held in the new circuit called Los Arcos, in Navarra.

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