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RSV Motorsport is back to the CER

2010-09-01 - Informaciones

This weekend RSV Motorsport is going to compete in the fourth meeting of the CER (Spain Resistance Championship) in the circuit of Motorland Aragón. Ni Amorim or Ronald Severin are going to have a break from the Aston Martin N24 to drive the BMW 320 E90, which they used in the first meeting of the championship, held in Valencia.


This week Ronald Severin and Ni Amorim are going to bring their summer holiday to an end on the occasion of the fourth meeting of the CER in the BMW 320 E90, held in Motorland Aragón. The sports responsible people for the team have decided to get back to this system in order to gather kilometres and experience with a view to the hardest part of the season – the end of season 500 kilometres in Alcañiz, which are going to be held on the same track.


The technical conditions are not as good as the Seat León Supercopa, as the BMW of RSV belongs to the FIA WTCC rules – which limit the assembly of mechanical and aerodynamic parts. However, Amorim and Severin are going to base their strategy on their regularity on the track and the good strategic work in order to get a good final position.


The competition takes place on Saturday and Sunday with both the free and official training sessions on the first day and the races on Sunday - which are going to last 48 minutes and one more lap.

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