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RSV back in Albacete

2010-07-01 - Informaciones

RSV Motorsport is going back to Albacete on the occasion of the second meeting of the 2010 Spanish GT Championship. The circuit from La Mancha is one of the team drivers’ favourite ones, and they are going to try to get a win in the GT Light on the Andalusian territory. We must take into account that, compared to other meetings, both races are going to be held on Saturday at midday and then at night.


The participation in the circuit of Albacete is almost an obligation for the RSV Motorsport team. It is the track where the Andalusian motor-racing team joined the races world in 2005, and where they have gained the best results from the last years. In fact, during the last season, Ronald Severin and Ni Amorim got a wonderful win in the second race after leaving from the sixth position on the starting grid.

The objective for this weekend is the fight for the highest position on the podium. This ambitious aim counts on the maximum regularity on the track and a good qualification, especially during the first race, where Severin and Amorim are going to enjoy a lower handicap (they were fourth in Jarama). One of the biggest things to fight is going to be the heat on the track asphalt, what must be considered in terms of the tyre state, especially during the final phase of the test. The second handicap is going to be the night test, which allows the engine and the tyres work more easily but makes drivers be more careful.


The meeting in Albacete is going to start on Thursday with the first free sessions. On Friday night, both official sessions are going to take place at 17.45 and 19.55. Both races are going to be held on Saturday at 12.35 and 22.40, and they are both going to last 50 minutes. Intereconomía TV is going to offer live broadcast.

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