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RSV obtains the first win under a strong night storm

2009-09-13 - Informaciones
RSV got the first win it deserved in the GT Light category in Albacete, where the fourth meeting of the Spanish GT Championship was held. This was the first race to take place at night in the history of the competition. The victory was obtained in the first race under a strong downpour, and this win brings Ronald Severin closer to his immediate opponents in the provisional drivers classification.

The official training sessions on Friday proved that the meeting was not going to be easy. The Ginetta's superiority on that track made necessary to fight more in both races. However, the RSV drivers did it well in the training sessions - Ni Amorim's pole position for the first race must be mentioned.

On Saturday at midday the first test showed the good output of Oliver Campos’s Ginetta, who overtook Amorim to get to the top. However, the Portuguese driver did not make it easy and kept himself near him during the first stint. The problems came up after the drivers change. A problem with the tyres reduced the speed of Ronald Severin’s Aston Martin and could only get a third position.

The second test arrived at night and the grid received a very strong storm. Ronald Severin - who does not like night tests - did a great stint and he was able to keep his position towards the opponents before he gave Amorim the wheel. From that moment RSV trusted Amorim's experience, who finally managed to get to the first position of the category, which he brought to the end.

The first RSV win of the year, next to the Campos-Kanaroglou’s leave in the second meeting, allows Ronald Severin to cut some points in the provisional classification of the competition, which Clucas and Lorena lead at the moment. The next meeting is going to take place in Jerez the next 17th and 18th of October.

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