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A breakdown in the steering ruins the weekend for RSV

2009-07-19 - Informaciones
RSV Motorsport did not have much good luck in the circuit of Estoril, where the third meeting of the Spanish GT Championship was held. The Andalusian team had to leave in the beginning of the race because of a breakdown in the steering of the Aston Martin N24.
RSV Motorsport arrived in Estoril with good prospects from Valencia and Jarama, where none of its drivers left the podium. Ronald Severin and Ni Amorim returned to the team after their compulsory absence in the last meeting. They did it well during the training sessions and they finally got the third position in the starting grid of the GT Light category. They were only a tenth away from the next opponent. The competitive times show the positive development of the Aston Martin N24.
Therefore, the schedule of the weekend - only a race with a length of two hours – allowed the team to face the race with serenity and study the strategy. Ni Amorim was in charge of the start and he could kept the third place. However, the team's plans failed because of the breakdown in a small piece from the steering belt, what forced the team to abandon the race in the fourth lap.
RSV Motorsport is going to try to recover what they showed in the past meetings of the championship in the circuit of Albacete, where the fourth meeting of the Spanish GT Championship is going to take place on the 12th and 13th of September.
Ronald Severin: “Obviously I'm very disappointed with the result of the race. We worked really hard on preparing this meeting and a little piece which had never given problems finished with the race. We must be positive and we are going to work to avoid problems like this happen again.”

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