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RSV must continue on the winning streak in Estoril

2009-07-18 - Informaciones

RSV is going to look for its fifth consecutive podium in the circuit of Estoril, where the third meeting of the Spanish GT Championship is going to be held. This year, Ronald Severin still hasn't left the podium, and thanks to the second and third positions obtained in the last meeting he moves up to the fifth position in the GT Light category, only six points far from the leader.

Estoril means the return to Ni Amorim's cockpit, who was absent in Madrid because of professional commitments in his country. The Portuguese driver is going to face the race at home with the aim of keeping the good run started with his partner in Cheste, where he got two third positions. His substitute, Joan Vinyes, kept the level in the last meeting in Jarama, where the Andalusian team got its best result of the year – a second position. Therefore, Ronald Severin stays in the fifth position, only six points away from the leader couple, made up by Ben Clucas and Francisco Lorena.

RSV is going to take advantage of the test made in this test the last February. During that day - organised by Dunlop - Amorim and Severin took the wheel of the Aston Martin N24 to get the maximum amount of information to help with the British GT's development, one of the current references from the GT Light category.
The meeting in Estoril is planned to start on Friday with the first free training sessions. On Saturday both official sessions are going to take place and on Sunday at 13.30 the only race, which is going to last two hours and ten minutes.

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