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Joan Vinyes goes to Jarama with Ronald Severin

2009-06-06 - Informaciones
The RSV Motorsport team faces the second meeting of the Spanish GT Championship with important news in its drivers list. Joan Vives is going to Jarama with Ronald Severin temporarily replacing Ni Amorim – who is not going to be able to be there because of his unavoidable commitment as an organiser in the Race of Champions, in Porto. The team's objective is to repeat in Madrid both podiums achieved in the opening meeting of the championship, held in Valencia.
RSV gets to the historic circuit of Jarama with the positive feelings collected along the first meeting, held in the circuit called Ricardo Tormo, in Cheste, where Ronald Severin and Ni Amorim obtained two excellent podiums in the GT Light category. The meeting in Madrid arrives with an important incorporation - Joan Vinyes. The versatile Andorran driver has been successful in car competitions, rallies, mountain and races on ice, both in Spain and at the international level, and his speed on the track allows us to keep hope to fight again in the circuit to be on the podium.
The meeting on Jarama is going to make Vinyes and Severin work against the clock to adjust the setup of the Aston Martin N24 in the free training sessions. On Saturday the official training sessions and the first race going to take place. Both races are going to last 27 laps or 55 minutes. The race on Sunday is at 1.25pm.

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