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RSV looks forward achieving the leadership

2009-05-02 - Informaciones
RSV Motorsport is in the final stage of the Spanish GT Championship with the aim of obtaining the first position of the classification again, from which they are only two points away. The Andalusian team is going to face the fourth meeting of the season in Valencia with significant innovations – Sergio Hernández is going to replace Domingo Romero in the first car, who has taken some time for himself. Ronald Severin and Ni Amorim are going to return on an Aston Martin GT4.

RSV Motorsport has focused its effort on the final aprt of the season to be able to win the Spanish GT Championship once again. Because of Domingo Romero’s leave – who has decided to make a break in his sports career for personal reasons – the sports responsible people of the team chose Sergio Hernández – the current leader of the WTCC Independents Trophy - to be Peter Sundberg’s partner. He has a large experience in single-seater cars and in his track record can be found important results in Formula 3, World Series by Nissan and GP2. He also competed in the Le Mans Series and in the Spanish GT Championship driving cars of GTA category, the same category of the Ferrari 430 he is going to drive in Valencia.

The other innovation of the meeting in Cheste is that Ronald Severin and Ni Amorim return to the team. The RSV drivers have not competed together since the last meeting of the past season - in Jerez -, and this time they are going to be the first ones to drive the Aston Martin in Spain. They are going to drive on the new and spectacular Aston Martin DB9 GT4, an almost production car which has been adapted to competition. At the moment their only objective is to adapt themselves to the car and finish both races to get as much experience as they can.

The weekend is going to start on Friday with the first free training sessions. On Saturday there are both official training sessions and the first race at 17.10. On Sunday at 13.05 the green light is going to allow the second and definitive race of the meeting. RSV drivers can be followed through the TV channels Sportmania – which offers live broadcast of both races –, Canal + and Popular TV – where you can watch the recorded races.

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