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The podium in Alcañiz was the 2009 perfect finale for RSV

2009-12-15 - Informaciones

RSV Motorsport finished the season 2009 with an excellent third position on the 500 km of Alcañiz, which were held this afternoon in the circuit of Motorland Aragón. The team – made up of Ronald Severin, Ni Amorim and Peter Sundberg – also got the second position among the GT production cars after a foggy day with technical problems in the classification, corrected then in the test with a great recovery.

The dense fog in Aragon welcomed RSV drivers in the new circuit Motorland Aragón. Ronald Severin, Ni Amorim and Peter Sundberg had never been in that circuit, so the difficult vision was an important handicap when getting to know the circuit and planning the tune-up of the car. Apart from this problem, which was not resolved until midday, we have to add the breakdown of the timing belt during the official session, which ruled out the possibility of getting the pole position and we doubted about their participation in the race. However, the good job made by the engineers solved the problem and the Aston Martin N42 was in a perfect state.

There was only a strategy for the race: attacking. Ni Amorim, who faced the first stint, started the recovery. The Portuguese overtook more than a dozen of cars on the track to be in the first position. Furthermore, his good management of the traffic allowed him to give Ronald Severin the wheel at the top. The German driver kept on going despite the difficulty of his lack of experience on the track. The weather problems in the morning made it difficult on the track designed by Hermann Tilke, where he did not began to feel comfortable until that moment. His performance was more than excellent, as he did not make any mistakes on the track, unlike most of his opponents. Peter Sundberg, who was wearing the RSV uniform after a whole season, finished the race with a fantastic last stint, which brought him to the third definitive position, the second among the GT production cars.

The podium after the 500 km in Alcañiz proves the team’s ability to improve, who overcame several own and alien problems during a difficult day of competition. After this third position, the season 2009 is over, another learning stage in the story of the Andalusian team.

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