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RSV pulls out in Portimao due to a breakdown in the steering

2009-11-10 - Informaciones

RSV Motorsport had to retire from both scheduled races in Portimao, the last meeting of the National GT, when they had not started yet. The Andalusian team has decided to gather its things as a precautionary measure because of the breakdown in the steering of the Aston Martin during the official training sessions on Saturday.
It is a brave decisión, but necessary. Ni Amorim was completing his third fast lap in the official session when he suddenly noticed a lack of respond from the steering and he had to stop the car. Back in the box, the mechanics confirmed the breakdown of the steering, a serious breakdown which could not be repaired properly in the circuit. Therefore, Ronald Severin and Ni Amorim decided to bring the car back to the team’s warehouse and work hard and in best conditions on the repair of the breakdown for the future tests.

This premature retirement in Portimao makes it impossible to look forward to fighting for the subchampionship, and keeps Severin in the third position of the GT Light category. However, the season performanced by the German driver, Ni Amorim and the temporary substitute in Jarama, Joan Vinyes, can be described as exceptional – six third positions, two second positions and the win in the most difficult race of the season, in Albacete. The final evaluation is more than satisfactory and it is the basis for an encouraging future.

The season is going to finish on the 12th of December for RSV Motorsport in the 500 km of Alcañiz – the new circuit of Motorland Aragón - so it is going to be their first time in the circuit.

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