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RSV MOTORSPORT is a spanish team that began its activity in 2005 taking part in the Andalusian Touring Car Championship and in the Spanish GT Championship, achieving quite satisfactory results with two Ferrari 360 Challenge cars.

In 2006 RSV MOTORSPORT started with two units of the new Ferrari 430 GT2 from Michelottto obtaining numerous podiums and successes in championships of the level of FIA GT at the 24h of Spa and 3h of Paul Ricard, International GT Open and Spanish GT Championship.

In 2007 RSV MOTORSPORT had a great success becoming SPANISH GT CHAMPIONS with Sundberg-Romero drivers record of 5 wins, 7 podiums and 5 pole positions. Also obtained good result in the International GT Open with a fifth place finish in the championship.

In 2008 RSV MOTORSPORT will continue winning races in Europe and Spain at the International GT Open and Spanish Iber-GT Championships.

Just as they did during the 2005, 2006 and 2007 season, in the technical and mechanical field rely on the collaboration of RCA racing, one of the most experienced Ferrari teams based in Barcelona, Spain. Winner of the most recent Spanish GT Championships, collaborator in past editions of super sports cars with BMW and Opel, rallies and formula 3. "Our 6 years of loyalty to FERRARI were rewarded with 4 titles of Spanish GT Champions, which allow us to face a very ambitious and international 2008, once again working together with RSV Motorsport and Ferrari-Michelotto" Josep Casta˝Ú, Chief Engineer -RCA Racing.

2009 3th Spanish GT Championship. Light (1 win)
  Aston Martin N24
2008 CHAMPIONS. Spanish GT Champions (3 wins, 4 podiums & 5 pole position)
  Ferrari 430 GT2
  7th Spanish GTB Championship
  Aston Martin N24
2007 CHAMPIONS. Spanish GT Champions (5 wins, 7 podiums & 5 pole position)
  5th International GT Open (4 podiums & 1 pole position)
  Ferrari 430 GT2
2006 FIA GT Championship (8th Spa 24h & 6th 3h Paul Ricard)
  Spanish GT Championship (3 podiums)
  International GT Open (2 podiums & 1 pole position)
  Ferrari 430 GT2
2005 Spanish GTB Champiosnhip (3 meetings, 3 podiums, 1 pole, 1 win)
  Andalusian Touring Car Champions
  Ferrari 360 Challenge GT